France: What is the Presidential Campaign Really About?

France: What is the Presidential Campaign Really About? by Yves Mamou.

France is a fractured country. As in the US and the UK, the rift is not between the traditional left and right. Instead, it reflects divisions — cultural, social, and economic — that came with globalization and mass migration. …

Many blue-collar workers are on welfare; and the antagonism between Muslims and non-Muslims is high. People who voted for Le Pen seem to feel not only that they lost their jobs, but that they are becoming foreigners in their own country.

The result of this mess is that France as one country no longer exists. One half the population (in blue-collar areas, small towns and rural areas) is shut out by the other half of the population (white-collar workers) who live in the big cities. …

Look over there:

During the presidential campaign, the media focused only on political scandals … these allegations overtook any discussion about the real problems in France …

Most of all, the “French Islamist problem” remained undebated and unchanged. After two years of continuous terrorist attacks, after five years of continuous Muslim immigration, after dozens of Muslim riots, big and small, in the suburbs of big cities, millions of French people were expecting a change — or at least a public conversation. But, intentionally or not, these questions were avoided by the media.

So whose side are the media on, and why? The media is pretty monolithic and mostly control what people know and focus on, so they effectively choose the political leaders.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific