Fairfax Media staff on strike say the message is clear: ‘It’s time to invest in journalism’

Fairfax Media staff on strike say the message is clear: ‘It’s time to invest in journalism’, by Chloe Brice at the ABC.

Amid an “unprecedented” week-long strike by Fairfax Media staff after the announcement that it will cut 125 editorial jobs [of a staff of 500 journalists, i.e a 25% cut], journalists are sending a clear message to management: it is time to invest in journalism.

Management’s decision to cut jobs and cap rates for freelance contributors and casuals has caused major kickback, including from the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), which has joined calls for Fairfax to reconsider its proposal.

Staff at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age walked off the job for one week — a crucial week for politics as it includes the federal budget.

Invest in left-wing journalism, when (a) the market for the leftist PC narrative is limited to maybe 30% of the population and the market for broadsheet newspapers is much smaller, and (b) your competitor is the taxpayer-funded ABC??! Although the ABC doesn’t print a newspaper, it does everything else — your consumer of feel-good-PC  “news” can get it from the ABC on radio, tv, and the Internet for FREE, so why bother with a Fairfax newspaper?

I am sorry to see Fairfax going under because any media diversity is good, but Fairfax produce the same political product as the ABC and the ABC is killing them because it’s FREE to consumers.

Philip Barton comments:

No matter the regulations and taxations, the market will continue, always, to spend its money based on self-interest. That signals the further severe degrading of the power and influence of the MSM and no amount of strikes and whining will change that.

I’m fascinated by the ongoing hatchet job being done by the Murdoch boys in the US on their own business – Fox.