Choose the West and avoid cultural cowardice, Abbott urges

Choose the West and avoid cultural cowardice, Abbott urged in an address to Liberals in Perth yesterday.

Tony Abbott

He said “all too often” Australians were hostile towards their country and its values, including part-time ABC host and Muslim activist Abdel-Magied.

“An over-promoted, politically correct 26-year-old is merely the symptom of the cultural cowardice that’s penetrated to the very heart of our institutions. While officialdom wrings its hands in nervous self-doubt about anything that might be labelled anti-youth, anti-women, anti-black or, perhaps worst of all, anti-Muslim, Australians show what they think of our country’s knockers by turning out in ever-increasing numbers and ever-greater enthusiasm on Anzac Day.” …

“When it’s not making excuses for militant unions or welfarism, Labor is consumed by the green left’s theology of climate change and identity. The one senior Labor figure still demonstrative about making it better to work for a living is Mark Latham who’s now more welcome at Liberal Party meetings than Labor ones.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil