Angie was laughing before her ninth abortion. Then she saw the aborted baby.

Angie was laughing before her ninth abortion. Then she saw the aborted baby. By Lianne Laurence.

A woman who laughed through nine abortions asked after her last one if she could look at the “tissue” that had been removed from her womb.

When she saw the reassembled parts of her dismembered baby, she gasped and shuddered before collapsing in grief and refusing to let go of the tray holding the remains of her unborn child.

“That’s a baby,” she cried. “That was my baby. … What did I do? What did I do?”

Angie’s story is among those in Abby Johnson’s 2016 book The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories. …

Some of her back story:

Angie was what staff dubbed “frequent flyers” — a woman who has had multiple abortions. Even among these, Angie stood out for her callousness,  joking her way through each abortion. … Moreover, Angie “never even attempted to explain herself. When we would talk to her about birth control and try to set her up with an appointment to explore the matter further, she would just smile and politely refuse with a wave of her hand.” …

It was evident Angie was using abortion as a means of contraception, and had accepted the pro-abortion line her unborn baby was simply a clump of cells, observed Terzo.

But after her ninth abortion, Angie asked to see the “tissue” of her 13-week-old unborn child. …

When abortion center staff finally managed to pry the dish from her fingers, Angie became frantic.

When they couldn’t calm her or get her up from the floor, the staff dragged her, screaming and struggling, down the hall to the bathroom.

Even then her cries could be heard, as she pleaded repeatedly to be given her baby’s body. Her request was refused.

Finally, the staff called her emergency contact. It was her current boyfriend, who came to the abortion facility, and after 45 minutes persuaded her to come out of the bathroom. Both he and Angie were in tears when they left the abortion center.

hat-tip Stephen Neil