A Disaster of the Active Kind

A Disaster of the Active Kind, by Keith Windschuttle.

Did you know that our “genocidal history” is even worse than that of Nazi Germany? Come as a surprise, does it?  If that it happens to be the case there is a safe assumption to be made: you haven’t been studying at one of our Australian university where mendacity meets mediocrity …

It was an heroic decision on the part of healthcare and media entrepreneur Paul Ramsay, who died in 2014, to bequeath a large part of his $3 billion estate to the establishment of a foundation to promote the study of Western civilisation. … The foundation would design the degrees but the universities would be free to manage their own teaching programs.

Unfortunately, none of Australia’s major public universities that would be in the running for the reported $25 million a year funding are fit for the task.

They are all dominated by left-wing politics intent on seeing the civilisation created in the West turned upside down. Instead of cultivating the culture, history, religion, literature and music of Western civilisation, their humanities departments and arts degree programs are dedicated to at best belittling and at worst crushing the traditional study of these fields, and replacing them with their own perspectives that profess to liberate the purportedly oppressed minority group victims of Western civilisation. Of course, when the universities apply for the funding they will deny all this, but when those that are successful appoint the teachers and administer the classes, that is what the foundation will get for its money. …

Australia more genocidal than Nazi Germany, according to Sydney University:

You can see the future prospects for the study of Western civilisation at the University of Sydney in the calibre and interests of its rising staff members. One of Stephen Garton’s protégés is Dirk Moses, who joined the history department as a lecturer in 2000 and in 2016 was appointed Professor of Modern History. Instead of Garton’s focus on madness and sex, Moses’s fixation is genocide. He is currently the editor of the Journal of Genocide Research, from which position he excoriates the country that has given him all he has. He argues that Australia is not only guilty of genocide but is one of its worst perpetrators in world history. …

To maximise the data behind his claims, Moses defines each separate Aboriginal tribe or clan as a whole people, so he can claim that the demise of each clan, many of which amounted to no more than fifty people, amounted to a separate act of genocide. Hence, he argues: “Australia has many genocides, perhaps more than any other country.”

Moses also compares the “genocidal pasts” of Nazi Germany and Australia and concludes that, of the two, Australia was the more culpable. Australia’s sense of nationhood was more recent, he reasons, and, in contrast to Germany, the foundation of the Australian nation lay in genocide itself.

Gosh. Learn something new every day.

hat-tip Stephen Neil