Not on board with gender theory? You are perpetrating violence

Not on board with gender theory? You are perpetrating violence, by Lyle Shelton.

The rainbow political movement’s war on biological gender gets weirder and more serious by the day. It is global and it is having consequences here in Australia through the same-sex marriage and “safe schools” debates.

The latest is a dictum issued at Harvard University, the elite Ivy League University in the United States. Harvard’s office of BGLTQ (Bi-sexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer) Student Life has told students that “Transphobic misinformation is a form of systematic violence.” …

Let’s decode.

“Transphobic misinformation” means questioning the idea that clueless doctors assigned children’s gender at birth, before they had a chance to discover their real gender.

That’s right folks, genitalia are irrelevant to whether or not you are a boy or a girl in this brave new world coming to a “safe school” or elite university near you.

And what’s more, Harvard declared that gender can change from day to day. Like the weather, I guess. …

So it is the normal people, and everyone prior to a few years ago, that were “perpetrating violence”?

Those of us who wish to advocate for boys to be boys and girls to be girls, based on their biology, are now perpetrators of violence. …

There are questions for the premiers of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten – all of whom support “safe schools” and its gender bending agenda for children. …

Will future Labor-Greens governments fine people under anti-discrimination law for telling biological truths when truth-telling triggers provisions in these laws which offend political activists?

Some of us will refuse to pay the fines. That makes jail time inevitable.

Civilization is crumbling in the face of a leftist upsurge in virtue-signalling.

hat-tip Jeremy