Is 61 too old to become a mother?

Is 61 too old to become a mother? by Tracy Bowden.

Melbourne woman Shammi Pal was 61 when she gave birth to her daughter Angel, who is now seven months old.

Ms Pal claims that as an older mother she’s faced disapproval and feared her child would be taken away from her.

“They thought you could be sick in the head to be having a baby at this age, or really silly, or this could be the biggest crime you have ever done to have a baby at this age,” Ms Pal told 7.30. …

Angel was born on September 12 last year, but after the difficult birth Ms Pal said there were more problems ahead.

“I started to feel quite queer that something is going on and they are not letting me go near my baby,” she said. “There were people marching in and out of my hospital room, social workers and all these other people.”

Authorities wanted to be sure Ms Pal was well enough and that she and her husband were both capable of looking after her baby.

“We were shocked. Everybody else has a baby and takes the baby home and brings the baby up the way they want to. Nobody gets told ‘this is how you must do that and if you don’t we will take the baby to a foster home’,” she said.

“We are highly educated professionals, we are healthy, we are capable.”

Did she think medical staff had her and the baby’s best interests at heart?

“No, they were not worried about me at all,” she said. …

After a couple of long and difficult months, Ms Pal and her husband were able to take their daughter home.

Imagine all the interfering and meddling by the armies of social workers. Ghastly people.

More and more comes the quietly spoken propaganda, followed by the dull public acceptance, that we all, from cradle to grave, belong to the State. Fear not; reality has only been paused 🙂

hat-tip Philip Barton