Anti-Le Pen Riots in Paris, Police Attacked

Anti-Le Pen Riots in Paris, Police Attacked, by Laim Deacon.

Two police have been injured as riots erupted in Paris, after supporters and opponents of populist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen took to the streets for a May Day workers’ march.

Hooded left wing thugs were filmed throwing petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades. At one point, a burning shopping trolley was wheeled towards officers.

Supporters of Ms. Le Pen’s Front National party had held their annual gathering to honour Joan of Arc. Left wing union members and protesters gathered to oppose them.

The left is the party of peace, and they are allied with the religion of peace. Or so they tell us.

A banner of one faction of the CGT union [at the Paris riots] reportedly read: “Neither plague nor cholera”, in an apparent reference to urging its members to vote for neither candidate, with Macron viewed by leftists as an enemy of the worker.

If that sentiment takes hold then Macron could struggle.  Voting is not mandatory and with two ‘right wing’ candidates (popular perception), maybe unionists will give it a miss. The looney-left tend to express their preference with random acts of violence rather than by voting. Always the optimist 🙂

hat-tip Philip Barton