Totalitarian PC: US Sports Network’s Death Spiral Will Not Be Halted by Mass Layoffs

Totalitarian PC: US Sports Network’s Death Spiral Will Not Be Halted by Mass Layoffs, by Samuel Chi.

ESPN got rid of nearly 100 on-air and frontline talent in a bloodbath of layoffs that began on Wednesday. It was the biggest sports media story of the year …

Basically ESPN overpaid for rights to broadcast basketball and football, but then made it much worse by injection left wing politics into its sports journalism:

But [ESPN’s president John Skipper made the headwinds facing his network into a hurricane by transforming ESPN into a leftist platform that would not “stick to sports.” The “Worldwide Leader in Sports” began its drift into progressive politics in the latter part of the Obama years by promoting gay football player Michael Sam’s unsuccessful attempt to join the NFL, bestowing on Caitlyn Jenner the Arthur Ashe courage award, and backing the social justice agenda pushed by the hard left.

No dissenting opinion was allowed in general. Curt Schilling was unceremoniously dumped for expressing views that were hardly controversial to anyone who is not a committed leftist. It was not OK for Schilling to compare Islamic terrorists to the Nazis, but perfectly acceptable to compare ISIS to the Tea Party, as Tony Kornheiser did. …

Kornheiser remains employed by ESPN, as is his equally-liberal co-host Michael Wilbon. … And all the social justice warriors … ESPN’s mass layoffs somehow spared all of its most stridently political talking heads, making it clear that Skipper is doubling down on his leftist agenda. …

ESPN’s management and apologists consistently claim that the network’s financial troubles have nothing to do with its leftward lurch, insisting that subscriber cord-cutting isn’t ideological. But a number of surveys in recent years have clearly debunked this claim as a vast majority of its viewers expressed their displeasure with the politicization of sports programming.

Expensive mistake. Maybe businesses shouldn’t get into the virtue-signalling game. Doubling down probably means the network will go bust then get sold to new owners who depoliticize it — and make lots of money, like it used to. Thus transferring a lot of wealth from virtue-signalling lefties to someone else.

hat-tip Charles