Victorian schools adopt ‘anti-privilege’ feminist clubs

Victorian schools adopt ‘anti-privilege’ feminist clubs, by Rebecca Urban.

Schoolyard “feminist collectives” are springing up across the country as young women are presented with a grim picture of gender equality by a new wave of education programs that place “white, male privilege” and ­“hegemonic masculinity” at the root of family violence. …

Meanwhile, schools throughout Victoria and the ACT and internationally in Argentina, Brazil and Berlin have taken up the Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective’s teaching resource, Fight­back, despite concerns it sim­plifies the issue of violence in the community and potentially alienates boys and men. …

Teachers are being encouraged to develop feminist collectives as part of the Victorian Labor government’s $21 million Respectful Relationships program to tackle family violence, which promotes Fightback as a classroom resource for students from Year 9 upwards.

Demands for privileges justified, as usual, by confusing equality of opportunity with equality of outcome:

In one activity, students are told there are “common perceptions” about equality, including that women are already equal, that we are in a post-feminist era or that men suffer inequality too.

Students are shown statistics on the pay gap between the sexes and women’s representation in politics, business, sport and film and are asked: “So, are we equal?”

More privileges for the girls, on the back of a reality-defying PC narrative. They do realize, don’t they, that domestic violence is higher in lesbian couples than gay or hetero couples? And that male outperformance in the workforce closely tracks higher IQs and longer hours? Men are also taller than women, but even the PC crew cannot assume that away.