Looks bad for France

Looks bad for France, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

There’s no way that Marine Le Pen can win the runoff election next month. She didn’t even beat Macron in the first round, and now all the forces of French propaganda are telling people they must vote against against Le Pen. Every losing candidate, no matter how much they hate Macron, are loudly saying to vote for him.

So France is going to get a President fully committed to open borders and who praises Angela Merkel’s policy of unlimited immigration of Muslim refugees.

The polls say Macron will beat Le Pen by about 60 to 40, at least.

Commenter Wency:

Perhaps it’s better that some parts of the West are destroyed by immigration sooner rather than later. It gives the rest of the West (and the other civilized part of the world — viz., NE Asia) more time to recognize the problem. It’s better than everyone bleeding to death together.

And France, for its tourist allure and cultural association with refinement and beauty, makes for a good sacrifice. If visitors went to Paris and found it to be indistinguishable from Lagos, that would contain a message that no amount of media propaganda could fully repress.

Commenter Sid:

Tourists who go to Paris excited to experience rich culture, good food, and Parisians with stylish clothes are disappointed to see burqas and kebab shops.

It’s not just white Americans. How many Koreans want to go to Paris to see hostile Muslims glaring at them, police marching through the streets with machine guns, and an increasingly fearful atmosphere over when the next terrorist attack will strike? …

I went there in 2002 and was blown away by how many Muslims there were. I haven’t been there since, but more and more people who go there are bummed out.

Commenter Andrew E.

Le Pen and her father were fringy 15 years ago. Now the entire political establishment from right to left has to join forces to defeat her. Five more years of Islamic terrorism will discredit Macron. Keep the faith.