Has the US Deep State Compromised President Trump?

Has the US Deep State Compromised President Trump? by Chris Menahan.

Can it get anymore obvious the deep state has taken total control of our president?

Trump was not a “shill from the beginning” as many people seem to wrongly think. He fought like hell and together we managed to overcome all odds to put him in the presidency.

The problem he made was trying to pick the “best” people for the job. He didn’t realize every loyalist he brought in was going to be sidelined and taken down by the deep state and there was not going to be any sort of “compromise” between the “qualified” insiders and the outsiders.

He tried to implement a quasi-Muslim ban and worked together with Bannon to push our agenda for the first few months, but the deep state took down Michael Flynn and probably took Trump into a smokey room and explained to him if he doesn’t play ball they’re going to give him the “JFK treatment.”

Reagan came in on a populist wave and got shot … and then fell in line. JFK went rogue and tried to battle the deep state and got shot in the head. The national security establishment has been amassing power over our government for 60+ years, and it’s clear they managed to get to Trump.

One look at the change in his demeanor on the day of the Syria strike should have made it obvious to astute watchers he was compromised. He went from being full of vigor and life to being drab and acting like he has a gun to his head, which he probably does.

Who knows? We’ll never know for sure, but there is a case building. The deep state owns the media, so any mention of this topic tends to be disinformation.

hat-tip Pierce