Socialist Venezuela: Murder capital of the World

Socialist Venezuela: Murder capital of the World, by Jim Dunnigan.

Currently there are 90 murders per 100,000 population in Venezuela and that has become a major cause of popular discontent.

When the government assigns a lot of police to monitor political opponents rather than criminals it is noticed. While the state controlled mass media won’t discuss this issue the news gets around anyway, especially via the Internet. The government blames the murders, and crime in general on foreign (especially Colombia and the United States) and domestic (opposition parties) enemies. But the real cause is the economic policies that tolerated corruption (at least among government officials) and punished privately held businesses (and eventually shut most of them down).

With the economy no longer functioning and corruption diverting a huge portion of oil revenue, most Venezuelans eventually found themselves unemployed, hungry and beset by a growing number of their fellow Venezuelans who turned to crime to get by. That created a growing murder rate, especially in the cities.

The Venezuelan capital (Caracas) has become the murder capital of the world with 130 murders per year per 100,000 population. Of the ten cities in the world with the worst rates four are in Venezuela (ranging from 72 to 84). All ten cities are in Latin America, with number two being Acapulco Mexico with 113 per 100,000, mostly because of drug gangs. In Venezuela the reasons are mainly economic and political.