Eggs for Breakfast ok after all?

Eggs for Breakfast ok after all? by Nina Teicholz.

We were told for decades to avoid yolks and limit our dietary cholesterol to help protect against heart disease. Yet in 2015, the U.S. dietary guidelines dropped the daily cap on cholesterol. It turns out that studies since the 1950s had found that dietary cholesterol had little meaningful effect on blood cholesterol. What a shame for all of those delicious omelets we never got to eat. And, more seriously, for all the vitamins we missed — egg yolks are far more nutrient-dense than the whites, with super-rich amounts of biotin , choline and lutein. …

And soy milk? It’s extracted from soybeans using pressure, heat and hexane, a solvent. The resulting rancid mixture must be steamed to eliminate bad odors, bleached to remove the gray color, and then enhanced with sweeteners, artificial colors and synthetic vitamins. No, thanks.