UK election: Corbyn leaves Labour voters with no good options

UK election: Corbyn leaves Labour voters with no good options, by Oliver Kramm.

If there’s one aspect of British public life that’s impossible to overstate, it’s Jeremy Corbyn’s uselessness and unfitness for public office. This poses a dilemma for voters on the moderate Left. Here’s the best advice I can give, and it’s not very good.

Early in Corbyn’s parliamentary career a Guardian leader noted that he was a fool and a further three decades have done nothing to bolster his reputation for acuity. As Labour leader, in title if nothing else, his deficiencies are daily revealed in the platitudes he offers in lieu of policies and in his tenuous grasp of detail.

His inability to think on his feet is cruelly exposed in the habit of doggedly sticking to a script (including on one occasion reading out the stage directions) in parliamentary exchanges or from platforms. In television interviews he rapidly loses his temper owing to the immovable constraint that he doesn’t know anything about anything. The lack of respect he inspires among Conservatives is as nothing to the derision with which he’s treated on his own side.

I stress Corbyn’s personal deficiencies because they explain why he’s managed to confound pundits’ expectations since being elected leader in 2015. Instead of steering the party to the far left, he’s driven it into the ground. Rather than having bad ideas, he has no ideas at all and scarcely a thought in his head. Labour has no policies on the economy and gives no indication of what it regards as the appropriate level for the budget deficit and public debt. …

Having spent a political lifetime talking only with people who agree with him, Corbyn has imbibed instincts (it would be stretching it to describe them as views) that range from dim to disgusting. On the far end of that spectrum, he’s denied the war crimes of Slobodan Milosevic and allied with revolutionary Venezuela, Hamas, Hezbollah and Provisional Sinn Fein.


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