Is O’Reilly’s Firing Really About Trump?

Is O’Reilly’s Firing Really About Trump? by Roger L. Simon. Leading Fox commentator Bill O’Reilly, a Fox veteran, was fired last week over allegations of behavior unbecoming towards women over the last decade.

Rupert Murdoch should sue his sons.

James and Lachlan seem intent on destroying Fox News or at least reforming it drastically, which in the final analysis comes to the same thing.

The sons think they’re the new hip thing, but they’re the opposite.  They’re terminally square.  And not just because Fox was the only big-time conservative game in town and therefore could lap CNN and MSNBC, as the network has done for years, but because liberalism isn’t nearly as cool as the boys think it is.  It’s actually stodgy and vastly more old-fashioned than conservatism and certainly libertarianism.

(I know that’s hard to comprehend for some — it’s so contrary to conventional wisdom — but think about it for two seconds.) …

The timing of the attacks on O’Reilly — who everyone knew for years was not a saint, sort of like Bill Clinton and half the stars in Hollywood we hear pontificating on a daily basis — is also far from coincidental. O’Reilly, although he pretended to even-handedness (no journalist is), was one of Trump’s most staunch defenders in the media, arguably his most powerful one. For the “Resistance,” he had to go. …

Did what Bill supposedly did really amount to a firing offense or were his accusers just looking for money or fame, as O’Reilly himself has implied?  Or was it just a political hatchet job by the seemingly endless legions who spend all their waking hours and seemingly most of their sleeping ones doing their best to oppose, discredit, and destroy all things Trump?

Commenter Ohio Granny:

The young Murdoch’s seem h*ll bent on turning Fox into another CNN.  …

I just don’t buy what all these women are saying. Gretchen Carlson waited until they refused to renew her contract before opening her mouth about being “sexually assaulted” ten years before? … Both men and women make sexually suggestive comments when working together in most environments. Does that make it “assault”? Definitely not. With so many women now coming out of the woodwork it makes me very suspicious as to what the real truth is.

Commenter Potomac cynic:

O’Reilly was never charged, tried, or convicted of anything except in the court of political correctness where evidence and proof are not required, it’s only the number of women who want to hop on the settlement gravy train by magically remembering an incident from decades ago that wasn’t reported at the time.