Fifth protester killed as Venezuela unrest intensifies

Fifth protester killed as Venezuela unrest intensifies, by AP.

Venezuela officials are confirming that a fifth person has died in a two-week old anti-government protest movement. …

Gruseny Calderon was killed during the same protest … injured by rubber bullets that pierced his lung and liver. …

While middle class neighborhoods are often the site of demonstrations, this most recent wave of unrest is for the first time sparking protests in the slums that have historically been bastions of support for the socialist government.

The socialists have ruled in Venezuela for 18 years and yet this oil rich country is in its death throes, capping off a century of unmitigated disaster for socialist countries. People are dumpster diving for food. Yet here are still those who prppose heavy doses of socialism in the West — why?

It’s pretty simple: If the state weakens property rights (such as by helping itself to people’s property, usually in the name of social justice or socialism), people stop producing and society becomes poor. This is unfair and unduly stymies people’s ambition to improve their lot, so it is unpopular — so an autocratic and dictatorial state follows like night follows day.

Think of it as “nudging” — what you subsidize you get more of, and what you punish you get less of. Socialism punishes productivity and capital accumulation, so society becomes poorer than it would otherwise be. Socialism rewards rewards receiving welfare for no work, so there are more welfare recipients and less work. Duh.

hat-tip Charles