White House aides grapple with newfound celebrity

White House aides grapple with newfound celebrity, by Anne Karni.

Photographers stake out Trump staffers’ homes or venues where they are known to be speaking. Hollywood actors have volunteered to play Trump’s aides on “Saturday Night Live.” And their national name recognition is abnormally high for typically inside-the-Beltway famous jobs. …

“There’s an old axiom: Everybody in politics wants to be in show business, everyone in show business wants to be in politics,” said Ken Sunshine, founder of public relations company Sunshine Sachs and a former Hillary Clinton donor. “This is the merger. We’ve never seen anything like this.”

But the obsession with West Wing staffers is more than gossip. Trump appears on many issues to not be driven by ideology, and he is often influenced by the last person he spoke with. That means that a focus on the aides he chooses to elevate in the West Wing is more than prurient interest in the staffers enacting the president’s agenda — it is a way of deciphering what Trump’s agenda even is.

Imagine being a Papparazzi:

Paparazzi photographer Mark Wilkins used to stalk movie stars like Shia LaBeouf, who once famously threw a cup of coffee at him. He’s now taken to following White House aides instead.

Last week, he stationed himself outside the Newseum, where Conway was speaking at a conference, to snap photos of her as she left. “When she was walking in front of The Willard, they treated her like a rock star,” Wilkins told POLITICO.

Wilkins also sometimes sits outside of Spicer’s house in his car, waiting for a shot he can sell to the tabloids.

“I’m going to try to work on him and get him at church,” Wilkins said. “I get tips from airlines and train stations, when they fly in and out. Waiting around the White House is boring — you don’t know what entrance they’re going to use.”

The left are applying huge, unprecedented pressure on non-leftists, because they can, because they own the media and the institutions. Obama’s staff never got this sort of unrelenting pressure, and their screw-ups and foibles weren’t made big news like this.