Housing affordability: Australia’s politicians among nation’s most aggressive investors

Housing affordability: Australia’s politicians among nation’s most aggressive investors, by Ashlynne McGhee.

The politicians charged with tackling the thorny issue of spiralling house prices are among the nation’s most aggressive property investors, an analysis by the ABC has revealed.

The 226 individuals own 524 properties between them and about half of them own investment properties. …

Ninety-six per cent of parliamentarians own a property. … Almost half of our parliamentarians have an investment property. …

The average Coalition politician owns 2.7 properties. … The average Labor politician owns two properties. ..

We’ve included agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential properties. We’ve also included properties jointly owned with spouses or family members and we’ve included properties with and without mortgages. … Quite a few politicians have declared property investment companies or trusts but not the properties owned, so the real number of properties owned could be higher. We haven’t included the properties wholly owned by politicians’ spouses, even though they are sometimes declared.