H-1B: Donald Trump Orders Legal Review of Outsourcing Visa Programs

H-1B: Donald Trump Orders Legal Review of Outsourcing Visa Programs, by Neil Munro.

Four federal agencies will put many U.S. visa worker programs, including the H-1B white-collar outsourcing program, through a “full legal analysis,” a White House official told reporters Monday night.

The review may wreck several of the many programs which keep a population of perhaps 1.8 million foreign temporary workers in a huge variety of U.S. jobs, even as 4 million young Americans enter the workforce each year. …

For example, critics have long argued that there is no legal foundation for President Barck Obama’s decision to provide work permits to several hundred thousand spouses of H-1B white-collar workers, and there is no legal foundation to President George W. Bush’s decision to provide multi-year work permits to foreign students. In 2016, the universities used that student program, dubbed the Optional Practical Training program, to give work permits to at least 147,000 foreign college students and to persuade many other foreign students to enroll in American universities.

H-1B Experts on Trump’s Order: ‘This Is What We Elected Him For’, by John Binder.

President Donald Trump is getting praise from experts on the H-1B foreign guest worker visa for his ‘Hire American’ Executive Order which calls for a review into the system’s abuse at the expense of American workers.

Although the H-1B visa is only meant to be used by a U.S. company when there are no American workers with the skill-set needed for the job, critics argue the program is riddled with abuse and fraud, leaving Americans to sometimes train their cheaper, foreign replacements before being fired.

A reader comments:

This is the issue that woke me up before the last election. When I heard of companies firing their American workers and replacing them with cheap foreign labor I thought it was hideous. What made it worse is that the American workers had to stay around to train their replacements.  his was not a Republican or Democrat issue.  There were open border members in both parties. This was the establishment elites in both parties doing this.

This is just one of the reasons the middle class has not had a pay raise in years. I am invested and I am a capitalist but the whole country should prosper, not just the suits on Wall Street. I heard the head of the Chamber of Commerce say on Cavuto’s business show he was for open borders — they want cheap labor at the expense of American jobs.

I am all for commerce and trade but surely, we can do that in a way that benefits all Americans not just the elites.

hat-tip Charles