The Battle of Berkeley: Alleged “Antifascist” Rioters Are Finally Met By Counter-Rioters

The Battle of Berkeley: Alleged “Antifascist” Rioters Are Finally Met By Counter-Rioters, by Ace of Spades.

Antifa (and BAMN and the Black Bloc and various assorted lefties and anarchists) have been attacking/bating/cold-cocking and assaulting people willy-nilly with essentially no pushback for years now, at every event they “attend.”

But the Milo event in February received massively more publicity than the previous violent riots (even though it wasn’t any more violent than all the previous riots), and as a result of the publicity a lot of the Infowars/4chan/Proud Boys/”alt-right” types all over California basically said “Enough of this shit: we are TIRED of Antifa on one hand attacking people with impunity and then on the other hand acting like Oppressed Victims when anybody puts up their arms to defend themselves. No matter how bad Antifa and their ilk act, the Right always gets blamed for the violence. So — if we’re gonna get blamed anyway, let’s at least play on an equal playing field with these Antifa assholes.”

So a hasty “Free Speech rally” was scheduled for Berkeley for March 4, for the very purpose of luring Antifa into the trap: For the first time, the Free Speech protesters would be ready to defend themselves. As right on cue on March 4, some Antifa showed up, started attacking, and to their shock got punched back.

Everybody got excited by the taste of blood and this impromptu brawl, so a second face-off was scheduled, this time with enough lead-time for everyone to get their full troops assembled. That second brawl was the one on April 15. EVERYONE knew about it ahead of time.

Every “alt-right”/Trump-supporting/free-speech hardcore group showed up in Berkeley ready to rumble — and yes, unfortunately, a small handful of extreme skinhead/gang/neo-Nazi types — and against them assembled an equal number of Antifa/Black Bloc/BAMN and assorted commies and anarchists.

Game on. For the first time, it was “No more Mr. Nice Guy” and no more “victim-posturing for the camera.”

Result: Antifa got their asses kicked, and were literally driven from the park and fled.

Ooooooh, dearest me, right-wingers threw punches! Let us clutch our pearls!

But that’s the point. People’s patience was used up. Saturday’s punches were in response to YEARS of being punched and not being allowed to fight back. …

Famed left-wing philosopher Noam Chomsky warned of the consequences if his fellow lefties engage in this “self-destructive” tactic during the debate over punching Nazis. “When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win — and that’s not us,” Chomsky said.

The leftist mob has sown the wind. Now, the whirlwind looms. By David French.

If the media accurately and comprehensively reported on leftist mob violence, it would see that a pattern has emerged: On campus and in the streets, a violent or menacing core seizes the ground it wants, blocks access to buildings, and shuts down the speech or events it seeks to suppress. This violent core is often surrounded and protected by a larger group of ostensibly “peaceful” protesters who sometimes cheer aggression wildly and then provide cover for the rioters, who melt back into the crowd. After the riot, the polite progressives condemn the violence, urge that it not distract from the alleged rightness of the underlying cause, and then do virtually nothing to enforce the law and punish the offenders.

Urban and academic progressive leaders can respond to violence with all the scolding tweets, sternly worded statements, and calls for calm they want. But until those who break the law and violate university policies are aggressively brought to justice, it won’t matter … [and] the rule of law will remain abandoned in favor of the mob’s agenda. And history proves that once a government abandons the rule of law, it has a hard time controlling the consequences. …

We are now teetering on the edge of a truly terrifying incident, one trigger-pull away from a slaughter. Campus and urban progressives have a choice to make. Is this a nation of laws? If it is, then it’s time to grow a backbone, protect free speech, punish rioters, and expel those who disrupt the educational environment regardless of ideology. There should be no more sympathy or leniency for the lawless social-justice warrior than there is for the lawless neo-Nazi.