“After I started taking testosterone, I became interested in science… “

“After I started taking testosterone, I became interested in science… “, by Al Fin.

“When you have no testosterone, you have no desire. And when you have no desire, you don’t have any content in your mind. You don’t think about anything.”

Due to medical reasons, the man quoted above and below suddenly lost the ability to make testosterone. What happened to his mind when he lost testosterone? Nothing good:

“… I was not behaving at all. I was, when I was awake, literally sitting in bed and staring at the wall with neither interest nor disinterest for three, four hours at a time. If you’d had a camera in the room, you would have thought I was comatose. … People who are deprived of testosterone don’t become Spock-like and incredibly rational. They become nonsensical because they’re unable to distinguish between what is and isn’t interesting, and what is worth noting and what isn’t.”

What happens when testosterone is boosted?

Next we look at the experience of someone who was born female, but chose to transform herself into a “he,” using massive doses of testosterone. …

“The most overwhelming feeling is the incredible increase in libido and change in the way that I perceived women and the way I thought about sex. … I remember walking up Fifth Avenue, and there was a woman walking in front of me. And she was wearing this little skirt and this little top. And I was looking at her ass. And I kept saying to myself, don’t look at it. Don’t look at it. And I kept looking at it. And I walked past her. And this voice in my head kept saying, turn around to look at her breasts. Turn around. Turn around. Turn around. And my feminist, female background kept saying, don’t you dare, you pig. Don’t turn around. And I fought myself for a whole block, and then I turned around and checked her out.”

Beyond the predictable boost to libido, “he” also became interested in different things: “Something that happened after I started taking testosterone, I became interested in science. I was never interested in science before… I found myself understanding physics in a way I never had before.”

So, girls and science. That pretty much explains my youth. (And quite a few other guys who went on to top STEM universities, and many of the guys at Stanford.)

What about women?

Giving a woman testosterone can boost her ability to navigate, but it can also interfere with her language skills. The very structure of the brain is altered by changes in blood testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. These changes in brain structure have very important effects in the real world, on a societal scale. Female students may find their maths abilities changing with their monthly menstrual cycles, as levels of estrogen and progesterone vary naturally. …

If all men suddenly disappeared from the planet, it would be necessary to give massive testosterone injections to large numbers of women — including women pregnant with female fetuses and pre-pubertal girls — in order to grow enough technical brainpower to keep the wheels of civilisation rolling. Today’s Bell Curve of unmodified women would not be up to the task. (And how long before the sperm banks ran out?) …

The PC narrative is bollocks, as usual:

The huge difference in blood testosterone levels between average men (roughly 300 to 1000 ng/dl) and average women (30 to 95 ng/dl) is not a new phenomenon either. …

Yet modern politically correct societies in Europe and the Anglosphere go about pretending that men and women should be the same! The contemporary “war against boys” that results from this basic mistake continues to cause untold hardship for individuals and large-scale damage to society at large.

Getting ideas?

Before you decide to supplement your own testosterone levels, make sure that you actually need the boost.