Krauthammer: Trump Bombing Returns America To Classic Role Of Assuming World Leadership

Krauthammer: Trump Bombing Returns America To Classic Role Of Assuming World Leadership, by Ian Schwartz.

Charles Krauthammer cites Dr. Stranglove in his Special Report commentary Thursday night on President Trump’s decision to drop a ‘MOAB’ bomb in Afghanistan. Krauthammer said the bombing signals that ” we are back to is the traditional American understanding of national interests as a broad definition.”

Krauthammer, acknowledging he is not an ‘American Firster,’ said Trump is “winning.” The syndicated columnist added he thought it was wrong for Trump to include such language in his inauguration address.

“I think this is reassuring that we are returning to the classic American definition where we include our allies and most important we accept world leadership in a way that had not been accepted by Obama and seemed not to be accepted by Trump the candidate,” Krauthammer said.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t realise that Syria is in Russia’s backyard. As Napoleon and Hitler found out, while “the bear is never as strong as it looks, nor is it ever as weak as it looks”. The Russians are chess players, not reality TV producers. They are cold, calculating and utterly ruthless when they have to be.

He is also interfering in China’s backyard over North Korea, needlessly provoking the Dragon — whose nationalists are itching for a chance to put the ignorant, stupid and arrogant Americans in their place.

By betraying his base and embracing interventionism, Trump is creating a zero sum game which may see the end of America as a global superpower.

hat-tip Stephen Neil