BBC Claims ‘Great Meme War’ Could Swing French Election for Le Pen

BBC Claims ‘Great Meme War’ Could Swing French Election for Le Pen, by Liam Deacon.

The BBC has run a series of online and radio segments claiming the “great meme war has travelled to France”, implying Internet jokes could swing the French election for the Front National as the broadcaster alleges they did for Trump and Brexit in the UK and U.S.

“A group of anonymous keyboard warriors who claim they helped Donald Trump win his presidency have moved their fight to Europe and are trying to help elect a right-wing leader for France,” the radio programme’s description reads.

“In 2016 politically and racially charged memes and symbols started spreading from U.S. and UK accounts,” opens the accompanying video on BBC Trending’s Facebook page. …

The BBC presenter says meme “activities” miraculously “stopped” in November 2016, after the election of President Donald J. Trump, with the “same accounts” becoming active again in January 2017, “this time targeting France”.

According to the BBC, the “operation” has generated 50,000 tweets so far, with right wing activists organising in online gaming chat rooms “like their U.S. counterparts”.

This is such projection:

The prospect that memes are merely the result of unorganised and unlinked individuals amusing themselves online is not seriously considered.

The left organizes incessantly, usually from the top down, supported by buckets of money from the likes of Soros or Greenpeace. The right, especially the alt-right, is mainly grassroots people just doing stuff.