Is Sweden shifting gears from tolerant to survival?

Is Sweden shifting gears from tolerant to survival? by Christine Williams.

Sweden seems suddenly to have shifted gears, both on its immigration policy and now in hunting for refugees who are hiding. The drive to be “tolerant” has now been apparently replaced by the drive for survival, but it took a bloody jihad attack to force change, and it isn’t clear yet how sincere or thoroughgoing the change really is.

What are other Western countries waiting for before they decide to implement responsible immigration policies? Jihad attacks are imminent in Europe; the jihadis have been invited in by their infidel hosts.

Sweden wants more manpower to find 10K rejected refugees in hiding after one commits terror attack, by RT.

The force of 200 officers tasked with tracking down the thousands of migrants that have gone into hiding in Sweden needs to be substantially boosted, the country’s border police chief said after a rejected refugee carried out a terrorist attack in Stockholm.

hat-tip Stephen Neil