Truth Bomb Dropped Live On BBC By British Ambassador Goes Viral

Truth Bomb Dropped Live On BBC By British Ambassador Goes Viral, by Baxter Rmitry.

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, … disagreed on every level possible with the very first question put to him by the BBC host.

Referring to claims that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria, the BBC host said, “That’s a statement of fact, right?” …

“It’s a myth,” Ford said, his voice thick with disgust for mainstream media idiocy and lies.  “It’s a statement of non-fact,” he continued, immediately rocking the host back on his heels.

“What’s needed is an investigation, because there are two possibilities for what happened. One is the American version, that Assad dropped chemical weapons on this locality. The other version is that an ordinary bomb was dropped and it hit a munitions dump where jihadis were storing chemical weapons. We don’t know which of these two possibilities is the correct one.

“Remember the run up to Iraq. The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams. They were all wrong. It was all wrong. It’s possible that they are wrong in this instance as well. That they are just looking for a pretext to attack Syria.”

Ford said: “Assad may be cruel, brutal… but he’s not mad. It defies belief that he would bring this all on his head for no military advantage, the site that was hit had no military significance, it made absolutely no sense. It angered the Russians. For no other reason, it’s simply not plausible.”

The truth matters — did Assad use chemical weapons, or not? Sadly, we’ll probably never be sure one way or the other.