Trump doing well after starting in the deepest hole of any president

Trump doing well after starting in the deepest hole of any president, by Scott Adams.

This has been a good week for President Trump. So far, we have seen:

  1. Sean Spicer (accidentally?) caused the opposition media to argue that Hitler analogies are ridiculous.
  2. The Syrian attack established Trump as a measured and decisive leader. His popularity will rise. Even many of his critics supported the attack.
  3. Trump solved for the “puppet of Putin” allegation by attacking its client state, Syria.
  4. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee succeeded, albeit the hard way.
  5. The healthcare issue is moving forward after the initial trial-balloon that was more of a negotiating step than a real proposal.
  6. Tax reform is now on hold for healthcare reform, but no one thinks that is a bad way to go. The savings on healthcare are part of any budget and tax plan.
  7. Relations with China look good. Trump and Xi had good chemistry.
  8. China is putting the pressure on North Korea like never before.
  9. The economy is good, and optimism is high, in part thanks to Trump. (Mostly the optimism part.)
  10. Iran is probably a bit more flexible this week after watching the Syrian attack.
  11. News coverage had already mostly evolved from “Trump is Hitler”  to “Trump is incompetent.” The Syrian attack and the North Korean situation moved Trump to “Effective, but some of us don’t like what he is doing” I wasn’t expecting that to happen before the end of the year.

You can tell me other presidents have had better starts. But I doubt that is the case. Keep in mind that Trump started in the deepest hole of any president, ever. He’s already halfway out of the hole and establishing himself as a strong leader on international issues.