South African ‘genocide’ called ‘microcosm’ of what’s coming to America, or at least what the globalists hope is coming to what remains of the Christian West

South African ‘genocide’ called ‘microcosm’ of what’s coming to America, or at least what the globalists hope is coming to what remains of the Christian West, by WND.

It’s a grim reality unfolding in the supposed Rainbow Nation each and every day. And it’s largely ignored or even excused by the establishment media.

“There is a genocide going on in South Africa right now, and it is the genocide of white farmers,” said Carl Gallups.

On a recent edition of his radio show “Freedom Friday,” the pastor hosted Alex Newman, a former resident of South Africa and an international journalist who has been sounding on alarm on the disturbing developments in the country. …

“You have the organization Genocide Watch, and they put the Afrikaner minority … at Stage Six on their genocide scale. Actually, just a few years ago, they had them just on stage before the actual extermination process because you had the president going on television singing genocide songs, openly, in front of his military at the ruling party’s anniversary celebration. It’s a dire situation.

“Can you imagine the president of a country singing ‘Bring Me My Machine Gun’ because my cabinet and I are going to exterminate a particular minority group?” …

He criticized South African President Jacob Zuma, a former Communist Party member, as someone who “openly incites genocide.” “He’s said before Christians are the cause of all the problems in South Africa,” said Newman. “… He really is inciting genocide against whites and against Christians, and people really are going out and doing unspeakable things on a massive scale against completely innocent people.

Newman described the atrocities being inflicted against Afrikaner farmers, including torture with electric drills and blowtorches, the slaughter of women and children, the pouring of gasoline and bleach down victims’ throats and even rapes of babies.

“And no one is paying attention; that is the most incredible part,” exclaimed Newman in outrage …

Newman said that when a small party that historically defends white South Africans attempted to debate the issue in Parliament, a member of the ruling African National Congress openly defended the murders, screaming: “Good! Bury them alive!”

Newman suggested the reason the media are ignoring the violence against white South Africans is because journalists played a large role in creating the political climate that led to the atrocities of today. He noted South Africa had many different options during the 1980s and 1990s about how to dismantle apartheid, but the “media and the Western establishment” demanded an immediate surrender of power to the communists and the terrorists. …

Gallups said there are ominous signs of the same kind of slow-building demonization campaign in the United States. He noted former President Barack Obama’s attempts to incite people against police officers and Christians … “What’s happening to the Afrikaner minority in South Africa is a microcosm in my view of what’s coming, or at least what the globalists and the establishment hope is coming, to what remains of the Christian West,” he said.

Newman said the attempt to force all peoples and cultures under a single system will cost Western Christians dearly.

“I think people need to realize that we’re moving toward this global system,” he warned. “The U.N. is now constantly declaring itself to be the global government. The last secretary general said the U.N. is the ‘parliament of humanity.’ So what’s going to happen to what remains of the Christian West, under this system that they’re talking about imposing on us? Well, we’ll be a tiny, outnumbered minority with no ability to control our own destiny, no ability to control our own schools and our own education and our own institutions.

hat-tip Stephen Neil