Pauline Hanson calls for boycott of Cadbury Easter eggs

Pauline Hanson calls for boycott of Cadbury Easter eggs. Buy Lindt and Darrell Lea not Cadburys?

UPDATE: The ABC weighs in: Pauline Hanson’s call for boycott of halal-certified Easter eggs could cost jobs, union warns, by Rhiannon Shine.

A Tasmanian union has blasted Senator Pauline Hanson following her call for a boycott of Cadbury chocolate this Easter.

The One Nation leader took to Facebook this week to urge the public not to buy from manufacturers of halal-certified chocolate, including Cadburys, this Easter — warning that to do so would mean “financially supporting the Islamisation of Australia”. …

Tasmanian branch secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, John Short, said a reduction in Cadbury sales could affect the company’s workers, including at its Claremont factory near Hobart.

hat-tip Stephen Neil