Is the Bannon-Trump bromance over?

Is the Bannon-Trump bromance over? by AP.

In an interview with The Wall St Journal, the US President appeared to belittle Mr Bannon’s role as chief strategist, insisting: “I’m my own strategist,” dismissing the former Breitbart chief as just “a guy who works for me.”

In an earlier interview with The New York Post, Mr Trump said: “I like Steve,” describing his adviser as “a good guy,” but pointing out that he only joined the team in the latter stages of the 2016 election campaign.

More dangerously for Mr Bannon, his boss also spoke of his annoyance over his warring senior officials including Mr Bannon, whose feud with Mr Trump’s son-in-law has become infamous in The White House. He said he had told the officials they must “straighten it out or I will.” ….

But shedding Bannon would be no simple staff shake-up. More than any other member of Trump’s orbit, the former media executive and radio host, known as a bare-knuckle political fighter, has a following all his own. He is viewed by many in the conservative core as the ideological backbone in a White House run by a president who boasts of his flexibility. …

It is Mr Bannon who for many represents Mr Trump’s ideological core and speaks the language of the president’s populist base. He spoke in February of “our sovereignty” as a country and about the new administration’s aim for “deconstruction of the administrative state.” He also helped write many of Mr Trump’s hardest-line speeches. …

But it is Mr Bannon’s rift with Mr Kushner that seems to have troubled the president the most. The 36-year-old and 63-year-old have clashed repeatedly in recent weeks. Mr Trump has stressed loyalty in his business and political careers and has shown a reluctance to dismiss top aides, even under public pressure. But he also has drawn a line in the past when it comes to his family. …

Ned Ryun points out: “Kushner is family. He’s not going anywhere,” But he adds, “Bannon should not go anywhere either because of what he represents to the voter.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil