Cut ABC budget or we will oppose savings measures, says One Nation

Cut ABC budget or we will oppose savings measures, says One Nation.

One Nation is threatening to ­oppose government bills if ABC’s funding is not significantly cut in the May budget, as the minor party launches an extraordinary attack against the broadcaster for “leaking” details of a trip to the Middle East. …

The ultimatum comes weeks after One Nation abstained from voting on government legislation as it pushed for a resolution to the sugar industry dispute.

“I’ve contacted (Finance Minister) Mathias Cormann and said One Nation wants the ABC funding reduced by $600 million over the forward estimates,” Senator Burston told The Australian.

“If they’re not forthcoming in reducing funding to the ABC as part of their budget repair we’ll have to seriously consider what budget repair options (we ­support) that the Liberal Party puts forward. It’s about time we apply a little bit of pressure on the government to do something about the left-wing, Marxist ABC.” …

Announcing a boycott of the ABC, Senator Hanson said she had been “a little bit down lately” and had a “gutful of the media” following the canning of the trip and the broadcaster’s Four ­Corners report on her party.