Bill Shorten’s retreat into leftist fanaticism

Bill Shorten’s retreat into leftist fanaticism, by Simon Benson.

Bill Shorten’s repositioning on the Adani coalmine in north Queensland appears to be yet another political retreat into the inner-city streets of leftist fanaticism.

The Opposition Leader has now drawn political battlelines on the issue for the $16.5 billion Carmichael mine.

Having previously said he was not opposed to the mine, Shorten yesterday cited the environment as one of the deal-breakers for opposition support. Coal is bad; wind farms are good.

He also performed a mind-boggling expansion of Labor’s class-war strategy to a corporate-welfare argument to support his claim that there is no economic case for the government in spending $1 billion on a rail line.

Never mind that it is a loan. And never mind that the mine and the rail line alone would create thousands of jobs, or that Labor itself has never been shy about spending billions of taxpayer dollars subsidising jobs — think cars, which like coal could not be said to be a friend of the ­environment.

Shorten claims he is all for jobs, as long as they are green jobs.