White Privilege vs. White Death

White Privilege vs. White Death, by Steve Sailer.

Judging from mortality statistics, something very bad has happened to working-class white Americans in this century.

The downturn in life expectancy has occurred despite continued advances in medical technology that are steadily boosting life spans in other countries. …

Until just 18 months ago, barely anybody in positions of authority or influence in America had noticed it, so pervasive is our system’s animosity toward whites of humble backgrounds. …

The big killers driving this increase have been what Deaton and Case now call “deaths of despair”: overdoses of prescription painkillers and heroin, alcoholic liver disease, and suicide. …

There are virtually no respectable organizations that make it their mission to care about the well-being of whites. Countless government agencies and NGOs scan statistics for evidence that blacks are getting a bad break. But looking out for whites is a good way to wind up on the SPLC’s list of people to hate, so nobody paid much attention to life-and-death trends among 200 million people. …

A postelection study by The Economist last November found that the only measure that better predicted a swing from Romney to Trump at the county level than percentage of noncollege whites was a composite measure of public health. Trump swing voters tended to see it as their civic duty to elect somebody who would at least promise to do something to stop the trend in their neighborhoods toward disease and death. …

Deaton and Case conclude their new paper: “Ultimately, we see our story as about the collapse of the white, high school educated, working class after its heyday in the early 1970s, and the pathologies that accompany that decline.”

Why? The cultural changes of the ’60s loosened the strictures on acceptable behavior in the name of freedom, including self-destructive behaviors:

The ’60s were, in reality, the Smart Liberation era. Much of 1960s liberalism begins with: “Assume everyone is above average in intelligence.” This belief can make life more convenient for people who actually are above average in intelligence.

Granted, a few smart people like Brian Wilson and Ken Kesey never quite recovered from the ’60s. In general, however, high-IQ ’60s people, such as Steve Jobs, tended to do pretty well for themselves.

A liberated culture gave the Steve Jobses more room to run. In contrast, the Left Half of the Bell Curve is still paying a toll for the destruction of the old strictures on how to live. People who aren’t as smart aren’t as good at deciding for themselves.

Black men took the hit first, with black male life expectancy being lower in the mid-’90s than in the mid-’80s due to AIDS, smoking crack, and being murdered by other crack dealers. Society went to vast expense to protect black men from themselves, largely curing AIDS and building a huge prison system to incarcerate the most dangerous.

On the other hand, American culture hasn’t paid much attention at all to the White Death. For example, Trump remarked that he hadn’t really heard of the heroin scourge until he started campaigning across the country.

Thus, the more often we’ve heard in this century about white privilege, the more often white people have dropped dead in despair.

Commenter RacialRay:

Bottom line, looks like adult life isn’t all Incense and Peppermints for White flower children who arrived late to the party. And their kids are pretty much effed, too, if they didn’t invent Facebook or manage a STEM degree before the H1-B explosion. …

When I was graduating high school in the late 70s, less than half of my class was going on to college, since, unlike today, it was still considered something of a privilege that one earned through achievement. And not everyone felt the need to go on for more schooling when it was possible to make a living without it.

So what happened to those boys and girls from the 70s and 80s who didn’t make the grade? I can’t imagine where all those 50-somethings are today, or how they make their way in a world that is distinctly hostile to middle-aged Whites without portfolio.

When I was a boy, gardeners were White men. School janitors were White men. There were White men behind lunch counters and ringing up orders at the grocery store. Most of my neighbors were blue collars who made a decent middle-class living in the trades. Barbers, plumbers, painters, security guards, ice cream vendors.

I can’t recall the last time I was waited on by a White man of my generation in any sort of retail establishment.

We’ve become ghosts…

Commenter Greg_Deane:

As for white privilege I don’t think it ever existed. Blacks and other dark people don’t go to prison because of white privilege but because they commit lots more crimes than law-abiding white people. In Australia, even with courts and police bending over backwards to keep aborigines out of gaol, they represent 24% of the prison population while being 2% of the Australian population, because they rape, rob, beat and murder. Black people get into university courses with much lower marks than whites because of black privilege. They move to the head of the queue for health services like kidney or heart transplants, and for public housing, and welfare payments, because of black privilege. All these black privileges are because white people built societies that funded them. Whites also died in the hundreds of thousands to free blacks and others from slavery. No other group in the world fought wars or died for slaves. Muslims are still defending the right to enslave kaffirs.

White privilege is a myth, like Muslim peace  …

hat-tip Stephen Neil