South Australia Demolishes their Last Coal Power Station

South Australia Demolishes their Last Coal Power Station, by Eric Worrall.

While Federal politicians bicker, South Australia, the world’s renewable crash test dummy, has wasted no time demolishing their last viable coal power station, to lock in their pursuit of an energy free future. …

Alinta Energy offered to give the Port Augusta coal station to the South Australian government for free. The offer was rejected. …

My heart goes out to the power engineers, including those who run the power companies. For decades they thought their job, their responsibility, was to deliver stable, reliable power to the people.

Now their job has been made impossible by idiot politicians whose future energy plans are based on harnessing sunbeams and unicorn farts. The reward for years of service in often hazardous conditions is utter disdain and contempt from green fanatics who despise them as planet wreckers, green fools who never pause to think about what makes all the modern conveniences they take for granted possible.

It would not have caused any harm to leave the coal plant intact for a few years, to delay the demolition and cleanup, just in case.

Go with grace guys – what will happen next is not your fault.