Rising South African activism: ‘excited and afraid’, anti-white extremism

Rising South African activism: ‘excited and afraid’, anti-white extremism, by Jackie Cameron.

South Africa’s former public protector Thuli Madonsela cut a lonely figure in the fight against corruption. Before she left office, she produced a dossier on the extent of state capture in South Africa. The document contained damning allegations indicating that the rich immigrant Gupta family holds great power in South Africa, so much so that they are more influential in determining political decisions than ANC and SACP stalwarts who have committed their lives to politics.

At the heart of their power is money, with patronage and corruption rampant across state entities and government. The Guptas are so influential that they have grown enormously wealthy on the back of their friendship with President Jacob Zuma, his family and associates. …

With ministers who have stood in the way of state capture removed from office, South Africans took to the streets last week to protest against the establishment of a kleptocracy. But Zuma and his ANC allies are unmoved, even sneering at protestors.

In this interview with Al Jazeera in the US, Madonsela reveals that she is “excited and afraid” about political activism in South Africa. Instead of fighting inequality, many South Africans are distracted by racial politics – expertly stirred up by Zuma and others. Madonsela also reminds us that South Africa is no longer a democracy; it looks like an autocracy – a system of government by one person with absolute power.

hat-tip Stephen Neil