Egypt: After Islamic State bombings at churches, Sisi to declare three-month state of emergency

Egypt: After Islamic State bombings at churches, Sisi to declare three-month state of emergency, by Christine Williams.

Perhaps Sisi’s intent in declaring a state of emergency is to give an appearance to Egyptians and the world that something tangible is being done to combat the forces of jihad that are plaguing Egypt and the rest of the region, with the goal of wiping out Christianity. …

Coptic Christians have been fleeing Egypt by the tens of thousands since Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi took over in 2012, creating a “new climate of fear and uncertainty,” After Morsi was toppled by a military coup in 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood blamed the nation’s Christians, and attacks upon them intensified.

Since the Islamic State has stepped up its attacks on Christians in Egypt, a renewed exodus “has intensified fears for the future for Christianity in the Middle East.”

Sisi has mastered the gift of words, but apparently not action. According to a February 2016 report in International Business Times:

Christians continue to complain of rampant and systemic discrimination, and they are virtually shut out from the political sphere. All church construction and repairs must be approved by authorities, and Christians in rural areas have frequently been on the receiving end of violent attacks. Human rights groups say crimes against Christians regularly go unpunished.

The genocide of non-Muslims in the Middle East is accelerating, and will be complete in a few years. Yet Western elites say nothing, and our media drop hints but does not tell us the big picture. Meanwhile criticism of Islam in the West, the new thoughtcrime of “Islamophobia”, is increasingly been frowned upon or even outlawed in some places.

hat-tip Stephen Neil