Pauline Hanson on racism and reverse racism

Pauline Hanson on racism and reverse racism, by AAP.

PAULINE Hanson has called out “lefty” thought police after her fellow One Nation senator claimed race-hate speech laws are protecting Muslim criminals.

Senator Hanson denied she had ever been a racist while delivering a statement to Parliament today condemning political correctness in the debate over freedom of speech.

A ‘racist’ was someone who believed their race was superior to others, which Senator Hanson said she had never done.

But the Senator said she had been the target of reverse racism. “There is reverse racism in Australia,” she said. “And I think that’s why Australians are fed up with this, they are fed up with where the lefties have this debate going.”

Senator Hanson said she had been called “white trash” in her previous time in Parliament, while attempting to speak to Aboriginal elders.

“I will work and I will fight and I will defend anyone, regardless of their background … and I’ve always been of that opinion,” she said. “I welcome people who come to this country. I always have done, that’s how my parents brought me up. And I respect people not based on their race but on how people treat me.”

Hanson fundamentally misunderstands racism — it is not about “superiority”, but about treating people differently on the basis of race.

Groups of people, including races, differ in their statistical properties — such as average amount of melanin, or the standard deviation of IQ. So superiority is impossible — no group is “better” in every respect.

Treating people differently on the basis of their race is immoral because one’s race is not a characteristic acquired by choice. Discriminating between people on the basis of chosen beliefs, like say belief in communism, gay marriage, or Sharia law, is however quite moral.

So Hanson is on the side of angels and Martin Luther King when she aims for color blindness, respecting people for how they treat her rather than their race. She is also correct about the rampant racism (“reverse” has nothing to do with it) coming from the modern left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil