Bad day for racism as Rachel Dolezal changes ethnicity

Bad day for racism as Rachel Dolezal changes ethnicity, by Caroline Overington.

Rachel Dolezal today and as much younger

Rachel’s photographs mostly show her leading Black Lives Matter protests, or she’ll be speaking about racism in the police force, or else she’ll be giving interviews about how she identifies as black.

But Dolezal isn’t black. She has white parents. A genealogist who studied her family tree found white ancestors going back four centuries. She says this doesn’t matter because “how I feel is more important than how I was born”. She feels, on the inside, like a black person, and she has tried to make herself look more like a black person by getting cornrows and self-tanning her skin.

And, amazingly, some people are taking her seriously. …

PC is about believing some self-serving narrative over reality. Yep, this is PC. The left are increasingly delusional.

Here are the facts: Rachel Dolezal is not black.

For about 10 years, from 2007 onward, she pretended to be black and then she got caught …

Rachel was born and raised in a bog-standard, white suburban American home, with Christian parents who say she’s always had a problem with the truth. Besides Rachel, they adopted four black kids, and at some point Rachel came into contact with an African-American woman in her neighbourhood who specialised in braiding black hair.

Rachel got cornrows and she noticed that people started treating her differently. No longer was she a run-of-the-mill, freckle-face with dirty blonde hair. Suddenly she was exotic. And she liked it. And so she kept on pretending.

As a black activist, Rachel had purpose and meaning in her life that she couldn’t find as a boring white person. She had status in the black community, and the respect of black and white peers.

A problem with truth and a preferred narrative… the ingredients for PC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil