Fact Checkers Disappear With Susan Rice Incident

Fact Checkers Disappear With Susan Rice Incident, by Christopher Barron.

Probably the single most corrosive development in modern media is the one that sounds the best – the fact checker.  … An idea that sounds great in theory, but turns out to be a disaster in practice. …

Sadly we aren’t dealing with well meaning fact checkers. The role of fact checker at most of the major outlets bizarrely seems to have been taken on by some of the most partisan voices in the media who rarely even try to hide their own biases in their coverage. …

They pour over the President’s tweets gleefully “fact-checking” every syllable. Any and every ambiguity is resolved against the President and his allies. And the presumption in every instance is that the President is lying and has the burden of proof to establish beyond a doubt that he isn’t.

Interestingly, the fact-checkers are a lot less zealous in their pursuit of the truth, however, when that truth doesn’t fit with their own narrative.

No where has the fact-checkers biases been more apparent than in the coverage of the revelation that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice requested the identities (unmasking) of Americans in intelligence reports on dozens of occasions connected to the Trump campaign and the Trump transition. …

CNN has been even more shameless in their coverage. Rather than actually covering the Rice story and her blatant lie, CNN has attempted a farcical political sleight of hand. The network has treated its viewers to wall-to-wall coverage and speculation about not what Rice said or did but instead about how President Trump is still apparently wrong in his claim that the Obama White House wiretapped Trump Tower.

The sad truth is that CNN – whose business model seems to be predicated on being the go-to network for the most unhinged of Trump’s critics – either can’t or won’t cover the Rice lie because it doesn’t fit with the anti-Trump propaganda that the network passes off as “news” on a daily basis.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific