Brazilian Catholic Blogger Condemned to Pay US$ 6,000 for View Contrary to Homosexuality

Brazilian Catholic Blogger Condemned to Pay US$ 6,000 for View Contrary to Homosexuality, by Julio Severo.

In a lawsuit by the Federal Prosecutors’ Office in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, a Catholic citizen of Rio de Janeiro was condemned to pay US$ 6,000 in reparation for moral and collective damages for having published an article mobilizing the population against a measure granting taxpayer funds to a homosexual group.

The article, published in 2007, was enough for Judge David de Oliveira Gomes Filho, of Campo Grande city, to condemn blogger Roberto Flávio Cavalcanti and his blog “Catolicismo e Conservadorismo” (Catholicism and Conservatism), hosted by Google. …

Jaceguara Dantas Passos, chief in the Federal Prosecutors’ Office, labeled the article as “clear hate speech and incompatible with human respect and dignity.”

This was the offending speech:

It is the limit of villainy to consider giving taxpayer money to the main hosts of infectious and communicable diseases as AIDS and syphilis. Understand that the verbiage of the homosexual advocacy always includes soft words as “tolerance” and “elimination of prejudice and fight against discrimination.”

If a citizen of Campo Grande does not agree with this, he can express his view in a poll in the website of the Campo Grande City Hall, which asks if the visitor supports or not the Transvestite Association being granted public status — a title allowing it to receive public funding.

Evidently, Campo Grande has more moral and urgent needs for tax money than funding an association of transvestites. In a little while they may propose tax money to pedophiles. If you are also against the State funding homosexuality and faggoting, visit the website and vote NO.

Some people are so above criticism, while others can be slandered at will:

Even though the language in the text is forceful, worse behaviors against Christians and Christianity have been shown without authorities and media being able to interpret hate and instigation to hate.  …

Cavalcanti also explained that the judge who sentenced him appears publicly in TV newscasts advocating the gay agenda.