Latham, the Right Replacement for Triggs on the Australian Human Rights Commission

Latham, the Right Replacement for Triggs on the Australian Human Rights Commission, by James Allan.

She’s a tax-hoovering, memory-challenged elitist who thinks it a grave pity people can still speak freely around their kitchen tables. He’s a vulgarian biff merchant, but he does boast one winning credential: unlike the HRC’s trough-snouters and the PM who indulges them, he believes in free speech.

There was an April Fool’s Day joke going around that had the Liberals announcing that Mark Latham would be the next President of the Human Rights Commission.  If you had the usual Green-Left, chardonnay-sipping, Ultimo sensibilities this was meant to be near-on hilarious.  Mark Latham given a sinecure (oops, ‘an important public service job’) to replace the wonderful, amazing Gillian Triggs?  You can’t be serious!  And, needless to say, it wasn’t serious. …

I very much love the idea of Mark Latham replacing memory-impaired Gillian.  Sure, the next Christmas party for the HRC won’t be anywhere near as grand. But, my God, we could be confident that things would change in this monstrosity of an over-reaching, puffed-up, holier-than-thou enforcer of speech-stifling Lefty orthodoxy. …

And because we know this we also know Team Turnbull’s bunch-of-wimps government won’t do it.  Just look at who Malcolm appointed to be the new ABC chairman and weep. … As a visiting British journalist said, ‘the ABC is so biased it makes the BBC look like Fox News’.  That pretty much sums it up.

hat-tip Stephen Neil