The Need for Campus ‘Safe Spaces’ for Conservative and Moderate Students

The Need for Campus ‘Safe Spaces’ for Conservative and Moderate Students, by Jack Kerwick.

College campuses in contemporary America are rough places.

At any rate, it is of this that SJWs (“Social Justice Warriors”), i.e. “progressive” activists, have been assuring the country for quite some time.

“Racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “transphobia,” “ageism,” “ableism,” “classism” — all of the “isms” and “phobias” that the left insists are endemic to Western civilization generally and America specifically…

This is the version of reality advanced by SJWs. Reality itself, however, is quite otherwise.

In reality, it is true that college campuses have indeed become oppressive. The disinterested pursuit of truth and knowledge; the free marketplace of ideas; the cultivation of intellectual and moral virtues—these goods that have traditionally been the university’s raison d’ etre have largely given way to a new ideal: activism.

More exactly, today’s faculty and students are preoccupied with activism on behalf of Social Justice. And anything or anyone that is perceived as a potential impediment to this end can’t be tolerated.  Social Justice by whichever means necessary!

College campuses have become oppressive places — but only for heterodox students and academics.  In other words, those who dare to challenge academia’s PC dogmas risk being ostracized, intimidated, and even threatened with violence.