Is the Fall Inevitable?

Is the Fall Inevitable? by Michael Finch.

The euphoria conservatives felt from the November election has evaporated.

The left is at war with President Trump, the very left that has fully taken over the Democratic Party. We know that the establishment media are in bed with the Democrats. Even the establishment members of the Republican Party are colluding with the Democrats. There seems to be no doubt that many of the Republicans on the Hill would love to see Trump unseated, and it would not matter to them if Mike Pence or Hillary Clinton or Paul Ryan were to take the reins.

I have no idea if Trump can save the Republic.  But I do know he is the best and perhaps only and last hope that we have.  Trump is the enemy of everything the corrupt two-party oligarchy represents.  He is a dire threat to their existence and, most critically, to their grip on power.

Washington, D.C. has become Imperial Rome, the richest and most powerful city known in the history of the world. And what seduction and corruption lie behind that power! The treachery today emanating from the halls of power in D.C. would make even the most corrupt Byzantine emperor blush.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific