Texas Prof Tries to Get Conservatives Fired Over Facebook Argument

Texas Prof Tries to Get Conservatives Fired Over Facebook Argument, by Tyler O’Neil.

A Texas professor who got into a Facebook argument with conservatives called the employers of at least two people who disagreed with her, one of them a current student.

Elizabeth Bishop, a history professor at Texas State University who is rumored to become the next dean of the College of Liberal Arts, reached out to employers and a university department in order to report “hate speech” and exact retribution against those who would dare to disagree with her on Facebook.

“Thankfully, my employer laughed the ordeal off after seeing that the allegations of hate speech were false,” Alexander Morrissette, one of the conservatives whose employer (the Texas Public Policy Foundation) received an unwelcomed call from Bishop, told Campus Reform. “The employers on college campuses, especially campuses that are so rife with politically correct culture, may not be so judicious in their evaluation of these kinds of claims.”

Why did Bishop contact Morrissette’s employer? He engaged with her in a debate about communism on Facebook.

Leftists increasingly try to get PC-blasphemers fired. Because they own most of the institutions now, it often works. It certainly creates a climate of fear.