One Innuendo Too Many, Pal

One Innuendo Too Many, Pal, by Douglas Wilson.

So The Washington Post did a profile on the wife of our vice-president, Karen Pence, and it came out that Mike Pence followed a variation of the “Billy Graham rule,” in that he would never eat alone with a woman who was not his wife, and he would never attend an event where alcohol was served if his wife was not with him. Of course, Twitter then did what Twitter does, which is go off the rails.

Having had an analogous standard for some decades now, I would like to take a brief moment to commend the man and the standard, and to make a few mild observations to the possible discomfiture of those who want to maintain that this is misogyny of the highest order — the man is obviously honoring his wife ahead of all other women. What a poltroon. Not like that paragon of husbandly virtue, Bill Clinton. There’s a man who is willing to mentor pretty much any woman. Or was it mentor much any pretty woman? I forget.

The people who are currently going nuts over all this are the same people who, if shown a photograph of the vice-president having dinner with some other woman in some upscale restaurant, along with an account from that same woman that he, the vice-president, was putting the moves on her, would be the very first people to accept, believe, fall for, place confidence in, swear by, and rejoice in, her account. A man might adopt this standard, in other words, not because he didn’t trust himself, but because he doesn’t trust them. And very wise of him, I might add. …

Secularists have a toggle switch somewhere in their psyche, and they flip it back and forth like a three-year-old playing with the lights for the first time.

In this position, not only is everything sexually charged, but sexually inflamed. Gender politics gets into everything. If a guy sits with his legs apart on the subway, he is man spreading, a micro-aggression not to be tolerated. If he casually refers to “the girls” in his sociology class, the university goes into lockdown. If a guy in that same sociology class asks one of the girls out, he finds himself down at the Diversity Office explaining that he did not intend to mentally rape anyone. “All I said was hi.”

But if the toggle switch goes over into that position, then all the secularists suddenly become worldly wise sophisticates (Like magic. Ta da!). “Oh, you poor babies,” they say to the religious conservatives. “You are clearly buttoned up way too tight.” You need to learn how to respond to every innuendo with a knowing laugh. Like we do. Heh heh. Unless we are talking to our attorney about a sexual harassment lawsuit. One innuendo too many, pal.

hat-tip Stephen Neil