UK Police SOUGHT OUT ‘Islamophobia’ Reports to Claim Rise After Westminster Attack

UK Police SOUGHT OUT ‘Islamophobia’ Reports to Claim Rise After Westminster Attack, by Jack Montgomery.

The “slight uplift” in Islamophobia following the Westminster terror attack may be attributable to the authorities actively encouraging Muslims to come forward with allegations following so-called “trigger events”.

Acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner Craig Mackey said there was a “slight uplift” in so-called “Islamophobic incidents” following the attack, although he confessed the increase was “small, and far smaller than we have seen in previous events”. …

The statement also revealed the sheer scale of the Met’s efforts to boost hate crime recordings – in line with official government policy – with some 900 specialists now … dedicated to investigating all hate crime. …

  • Wednesday (day of incident): 2 Islamophobic incidents
  • Thursday: 10 Islamophobic incidents
  • Friday: 11 Islamophobic incidents
  • Saturday: 5 Islamophobic incidents
  • Sunday: 8 Islamophobic incidents
  • Monday: 3 Islamophobic incidents

[The] incident log does not describe actual recorded crimes, but only hate crime allegations. These are recorded as “incidents” regardless of whether or not the reports can be substantiated. …

Breitbart London asked New Scotland Yard if any of the incidents they logged following the Westminster attack actually resulted in charges, but they declined to say without a formal Freedom of Information request – which authorities do not have to respond to for twenty days. …

In June 2016, Essex police force Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason admitted that some of the “hate crimes” reported following the Brexit vote included “members of the public complaining about Nigel Farage, or whatever … [But] if the person feels it’s a hate crime it will get recorded as a hate crime”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil