Race faker Rachel Dolezal sparks fury as she claims to be ‘transracial’ during BBC interview

Race faker Rachel Dolezal sparks fury as she claims to be ‘transracial’ during BBC interview, by Kelly McLaughlin.

Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] leader who was unmasked as a white woman in 2015, has been attacked on Twitter after claiming that the ‘idea of race is a lie’.

Dolezal, 39, claimed that ethnicity is not biological and compared being ‘transracial’ to being transgender in an interview with BBC’s Newsnight on Monday.

Following the interview, Twitter users criticized Dolezal’s comments, accusing her of using ‘white privilege’ to make her arguments.

Dolezal, from Spokane, Washington, said in the interview: ‘Gender is understood – we’ve progressed, we’ve evolved to understanding that gender is not binary.’

She added: ‘It’s not even biological. But what strikes me as so odd is that race isn’t biological either. … Dolezal also suggested people were ‘operating on an autopilot that race is coded in your DNA’. …

Critics online said that Dolezal was using cultural appropriation to become a black woman, and that Dolezal wanted to ‘steal things from other cultures to be trendy’. …

Trying it on for professional advancement and financial reward. Typical of the unreality promoted by political correctness.

Dolezal said she has been unable to find steady work in the nearly two years since her background became public in media reports, and she is uncertain about her future.

In her BBC interview, Dolezal explained how she’s been ostracized since it was revealed that she was a white woman.

‘Some people stopped me in the grocery store and say like: “Oh my goodness! Did you know that you look like that one white woman who said she was black but she wasn’t?” and then laugh. …

The former NAACP leader … still says she ‘identifies’ as black despite being ‘Caucasian biologically’.

hat-tip Philip Barton