Kent property tycoon investigated over ‘disgusting remarks’

Kent property tycoon investigated over ‘disgusting remarks’, by the BBC.

A property mogul is being investigated by the equalities watchdog over remarks about people renting properties.

In an email from Fergus Wilson to his letting agency, leaked to The Sun, he banned “coloured” people from renting his homes “because of the curry smell”.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the remarks were “truly disgusting” as well as unlawful.

Mr Wilson said it was “not a colour issue” but an “economic judgement”.

Speaking to BBC Asian Network, Mr Wilson, who has amassed nearly 1,000 buy-to-let properties in Kent, said a property he had bought from an Indian couple cost him about £12,000 because the curry smell became a “massive problem” and he was forced to rip up the carpet and take the house off the market for six months.

He should be allowed to rent his houses to whomever he wants. It’s none of the government’s business if he discriminates. Let the market provide the penalty for discrimination … he will have fewer potential tenants, or not.