Turnbull’s ABC mate says no bias to fix

Turnbull’s ABC mate says no bias to fix, by Andrew Bolt.

What a disgrace. The Liberals finally got a chance to appoint a chairman who might tackle the ABC’s rampant Left-wing bias and it instead picked a Turnbull mate who refuses to even admit there’s a problem.

What is the point of the Liberal Government if it not only funds but defends an ABC that misuses public funding to preach the politics of the Left? …

But more to the point, why did Communications Minister Mitch Fifield appoint such a man? Why has he sold out conservatives yet again?

Still, Milne, Turnbull and Fifield have guaranteed themselves an easy time and no awkward moments at parties.

No bias to fix at ABC, vows new chairman, by Darren Davidson.

The ABC’s newly appointed chairman, Justin Milne, has dismissed accusations of bias in news coverage, saying the organisation would continue to resist political pressure over its editorial output.

Speaking to The Australian in his first interview as chairman, Mr Milne said the broadcaster was fulfilling its role as a public service by presenting a wide range of political views.

“I don’t come to the job thinking I need to fix the perceived bias in the ABC because I don’t know that there really is a bias …,” he said. … “Generally speaking, as a punter and consumer of the ABC, it seems to me to be doing a very good job. I like ABC for news like all Australians do because the ABC attempts to be unbiased, it attempts to tell it right down the middle so it’s a good reference point for many Australians.”

Rubbish. Here’s proof.