Obama Spied On Trump and the Media Lied To Cover It Up: Something similar happened in Sweden

Obama Spied On Trump and the Media Lied To Cover It Up: Something similar happened in Sweden. A reader writes:

In the 1970s the Social Democrats had created at secret network of party hacks in the State Security Police and the Military Intelligence, outside parliamentary control. They tapped the telephones and had agents inside the new administration. So the Socialists know most of what the new coalition government intended to do and how split they were over some important issues, ex. nuclear power and taxes.

So the whole agenda of 1976 broke up and the government split in 1978. Still they had the parliamentary majority, so voters could blame them for the mess. The media  was fed a stream of “scoop” from leaking bureaucrats.

This  situation was even more evident with the Moderate, Center, Liberal government led by Carl Bildt in 1991-94. Ministers did not trust telephones and faxes, making it quite difficult to govern.

The Social Democrats had created a deep state of security services and the tax-agency, normally regarded as the Stasi in Sweden.

The lesson: if the left control the deep state of intelligence and bureaucracy, they can, if they wish to stoop to those lows, make it almost impossible for the right to govern — thereby steering the country left by underhand means. In the US, the Democrat’s and media’s refusal to accept Trump’s victory at the ballot box mean they are prepared to use these methods. This will destroy faith in fair government, and increase tribalism, which bodes badly for the long term future of the US and the West.